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The Limo Show- Ford Motor Company Discusses MKT Town Car Part 2

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Today’s post  features an older version of the Limo Show presented by Towne Livery. This show focused on the technology the Lincoln MKT Town Car has available. We also discussed the 2.0 Liter 4 Cylinder Ecoboost engine that saves you about 15% in fuel cost savings over the V-6 AWD model .

This show is very informative and will give you additional insight on the Fleet version of the Lincoln MKT Town Car.

The Limo Show_- Discussing MKT Town Car  Fleet -Part 2

This is an exciting time….the future of the Limousine Industry is on its way…Lincoln’s new product offering in my opinion will end up being successful over time …because it offers far more features and amenities to your customers over the previous model.  These features may not interest you….but most likely will catch the attention of your customers.

Business travelers today demand more…they have high expectations when they are on the road. I found a survey online that was conducted by Deloitte an independent research company .This survey focused on hotels and the expectations being placed on this industry by generation X & Y.  The survey found that:

  • Amenities played a key role in the overall hotel experience, with six in 10 respondents (61 percent) expecting more from hotels with regards to amenities and services.
  • 77 percent of business travelers surveyed indicated that complimentary Internet is important to them, and 63 percent are satisfied with the availability of free Wi-Fi in hotels

Today’s business travel force is strongly represented by a younger and more tech-savvy traveler. Gen X & Y business travelers are much more likely to use technology when travelling for business, while Baby Boomers are less so. These travelers feel the need to always be connected and carry many different types of electronic gadgets while traveling to help them stay productive when they are out of the office.

With expectations being so high…its extremely important for the Limousine Livery to have available vehicles with similar technologies to meet the demands of today’s business travelers.

Our guest this evening has previously been on our show…his show back in April his appearance on our show has been listened to between blogtalk radio & YouTube over 26,000 times!!!

Please welcome back  to the Limo Show from Ford Motor Company Gerry Koss…Gerry welcome back to the Limo Show!

Gerry: I noticed that when I ordered some of our inventory that 2 engines will be available. The 3.7 Liter engine & Gasoline Turbocharged Direct injection Ecoboost .The FWD will feature the Ecoboost while the AWD will be equipped with the 3.7 liter engine.

  • Why did Lincoln choose to offer 2 different engines to the Limo Livery Industry?

Ecoboost technology offers more for less. Lincoln anticipates that  75 % of the  Lincoln MKT Town cars sold will be the FWD configuration that features this engine. The 2.0 liter GTDI engine which will be featured in the FWD model has been in the European market since 2009…

  • Why was the GTDI  Ecoboost engine chosen to be the engine of choice for this model?
  • With increase green initiatives being placed on the Limo Livery Industry how will these engines help operators meet the demands  of making their fleets “greener”?

Tune in to the show to learn more!!



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