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Guardian Angel Helps Save Dying Boys Life


Reported By WGRZ TV Buffalo N.Y

It was a warm August day when Jacob Murphy, his brother Jonah and a friend were riding bikes. As Jacob crossed Niagara Falls Boulevard, he was hit by a car. At that very moment, Nurse, Stacy Bastian happened to be driving through the intersection. She’d been running about 45 minutes late from work. That delay put here at that very spot at that very moment. Stacy, with some help from others, checked on Jacob. He was not breathing. He did not have a pulse. Stacy went to work doing CPR on the teenager, until he began to breathe on his own. Stacy was so focused at first, she didn’t realize that she knew the child she had just saved. When Jacob’s father, Mike Murphy arrived, it all came together. The families know each other well.

Jacob was taken to Women and Children’s Hospital with a badly broken leg and severe head injuries. He remained in ICU for 34 days before being moved to another floor. In early October he was moved to the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh where he is being treated for a traumatic brain injury.

Mike says his son is a fighter and his condition does continue to improve, but he adds it will be a very long road. At least one of Jacob’s parents, Mike and Adria are with him 24 hours a day. They’re employers have been wonderful and friends and family have been incredible. Mike Murphy says he could never thank Stacy for saving her child. He calls her Jacob’s Guardian Angel. He wants to thank the entire community for their support and prayers.

Jacob is a Sweet Home High School Student and Mike works in the Amherst school district and both came together for a huge fundraiser. Last weekend. The Buffalo Philharmonic has also decided to give a portion of their Holiday Pop Sales Concert to the Murphy family. You can order tickets at 716-885-5001. If you do, just indicate you want the Murphy Benefit to get credit.

There will also be a fundraiser on December 18th at 7pm at Sweet Home High School. It will be a Staff vs Sabres Alumni basketball game. Many of you have asked how you can support the Murphy family during this incredibly stressful time. Jacob’s parents, Mike and Adria, obviously have a lot on their shoulders and everyone is asking, What can we do to help?

Here are two things you can do:

1. Make a donation for Jacob’s medical expenses – Jacob’s rehabilitative therapies in Pittsburgh will cost at least $10,000, probably more. If you would like to make a donation in any amount, it would be a tremendous blessing and very much appreciated. The Geico Federal Credit Union is collecting the donations for us. Please write a check payable to The Murphy Family and send it to:

Geico – Attention: Credit Union

300 CrossPoint Parkway

Getzville NY 140682.

If you want to make an online donation please click the link below:


2.Donate a gas card – While Jacob is in Pittsburgh, Mike and Adria are going to take turns staying with him — so one of them will be in Pittsburgh, and the other will be here in Buffalo caring for Jacob’s siblings, Jonah and Jesselyn. This will require a lot of driving back and forth, so gift cards to area gas stations would be very helpful.

John Stirling, has offered to be the collection person for the gas cards. You can give them to John in person, or mail them to: Geico – Attention: John Stirling 300 CrossPoint Parkway Getzville NY 14068.

Thank you WGRZ Buffalo for reporting this story and helping the Murphy Family!


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